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  1. What kind of training do your movers go through?
    We train all of our movers to safely and efficiently handle your move. We start all our new employees on larger teams where they gain handling experience before being able to handle your items or participate in small team moves.
  2. Have you really moved celebrities?
    Yes! Some of the biggest names in the entertainment business trust the Affordable Movers in Dallas with their belongings.
  3. Is there a cancellation policy?
    Yes, cancel at any time before the day of your move.
  4. What if something breaks? Are you insured and bonded?
    Yes. We are insured by the Department of Transportation (DOT) which covers any damages anywhere in the US. We also have a great employee incentive system that rewards your movers for mistake-free moves, which virtually eliminates breakage.
  5. Do you move nights and weekends and do you charge for that service.
    We are available to move you 24/7 365 days a year for the same basic hourly rate!
  6. What type of payment do you accept?
    We accept all major credit cards, cash and local checks
  7. Do you charge extra for big items?
    No, any type of item is charged under the same hourly rate. Be aware however, that larger items may take longer to disassemble and get onto our trucks.
  8. Can you handle long distance moves?
    We’ve moved customers all over the continental US. If a truck can get there, so can we.
  9. Do you sell packing materials
    These come included in our Full Service moves at no extra charge to you.
  10. Is there a customer referral rate?
    Yes! Call us today to talk about a referral discount.
  11. Do you use temp and day laborers?
    No, all of our movers are employees of Affordable Movers in Dallas and have the same insurance coverage and extensive on the job training.
  12. Do you offer free estimates?
    Of Course! Call today for a free quote or use our online tool. Since we charge by the hour, there aren’t any hidden fees like the bigger moving companies.
  13. Do you charge for travel time from your office to my location?
    NO. We start charging when we pick up the first box.
  14. Do they offer packing and unpacking services?
    YES. Check out our Services page for a description of what’s included in our Full Service moves. We have the expertise and equipment to pack up your entire house and get it ready for the move.
  15. Is there a minimum charge?
    We charge the same flat hourly rate no matter how big or small the job.
  16. Do you charge by the piece or by the hour?
    Our easy hourly rate is the most straightforward and competitive you’ll find.

Trust Affordable Movers in Dallas for all your moving needs. Call or email us today with your questions or to get a free estimate!