About Us

We’re not just called Affordable movers in Dallas for nothing! With repeat clients from Hollywood’s A-List, we’ve helped move some of your favorite stars. Just ask Nicki Hilton, Tyga, Tyler Perry or Paul Wall about their experience with the Moving Stars!

With a variety of company services tailored to your specific needs, Affordable movers in Dallas has the manpower and equipment to gently ensure all your 5-Star possessions are transported safely to your new apartment, house, storage facility or commercial office. Affordable movers in Dallas highly trained expert movers have the skills to quickly move you without you having to worry about your glass breaking, furniture getting nicked, upholstery ripping or staining. And unlike almost every other moving company that just says “oops” when they cause damage, Affordable movers in Dallas uses a unique bonus-incentive system to ensure our movers treat each thing of yours they pick up like it was there own.

Our owner and resident moving guru, Jesse Gorman, has been making waves in the moving industry since his early days loading couches and mattresses. Just like the moving professionals that will help you on your own moving day, Jessy began as a moving crewmember and so knows what it takes for 5-Star Moving service. Working his way up the company ladder and eventually starting his own moving business, Jessy and the Moving Stars family has grown from a small Louisiana startup to a national moving service provider with offices all over Texas and California.

Having started from the bottom, Affordable movers in Dallas understands what motivates employees and implements a unique incentive program to reward our movers that go above and beyond the call of duty. Our moving specialists receive extra bonus pay for each damage-free successful move or customer compliment they receive from you. Our incentive policy ensures that you’ll be getting some of the best service in the industry because our movers are personally invested in making sure your items are treated gently and with the utmost care! This is our way of ensuring a mistake-free move for you and we think makes our moving guys and girls that much better at serving you! You’ll always see our movers strategically packing your items to minimize sliding and shifting during truck transport.

Affordable movers in Dallas trucks are specially designed to reduce stress on your valuables, making our vehicles perfect for moving large pieces of furniture and instruments. At Affordable movers in Dallas, there’s no job to big or too small. With our small, dedicated team of moving professionals, we’ll have you moved out and settled in quicker than you could imagine. Call us today or check out our Moving Stars online free tool to find a package that suits you!